FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 24 Pocket Scarf

The Pocket Scarf was one of two scarves I made from FamilyFun as a gift for Cyber Princess. As I mentioned in the iScarf post, both scarves were so simple that I literally made them Christmas Eve after the kids had gone to bed!

I didn't have any cute buttons on hand when I made the Pocket Scarf, so the one I made is button-less. When I finished making the Pocket Scarf, I thought it looked kind of blah, so I didn't take a picture of it at that time.

It turns out that even without the buttons the Pocket Scarf is absolutely adorable on Cyber Princess.  Not only that, I love the practicality of the hand warmers. In fact, it has been borrowed as an emergency makeshift jacket for Nano Bot (it became unexpectedly cold while we were out running errands and we needed something to keep him warm for a few minutes until we could get inside, so we wrapped the scarf around his body and tucked his hands in the pockets).

The Pocket Scarf is my favorite of the two scarves that I made from FamilyFun.  I love it so much that I think I'm going to make one for me and for Robo Dude. 5 fingers for the Pocket Scarf!

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