FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 22 iScarf

Cyber Princess wanted some scarves for Christmas, the iScarf on page 19 of the Dec/January 2011 issue of FamilyFun looked like a simple way to fulfill that wish. It was so easy to make that I actually made it and another FamilyFun scarf on Christmas Eve after putting the kids to bed.


Our Cyber Princess doesn't own an i-anything (3 years old is just a little too young for an MP3 player don't you think?).  On the other hand, I figured that she could still use the pocket to hold other treasures.

I was worried that gluing on a pop-pom fringe with fabric glue, as recommended by FamilyFun, wouldn't be durable enough for our active Cyber Princess so I just cut the ends of the polar fleece to fringe it. I really love the look of the pom-pom fringe though.

In all the excitement of Christmas morning, I didn't get any pictures of Cyber Princess opening her iScarf and her Pocket Scarf, but she was thrilled. She has worn her iScarf a few times already.

I don't think the pocket on it is really practical for holding anything valuable because if you aren't careful the contents of the pocket going flying.  If you make an iScarf and plan to put an MP3 player in it, please be aware that it can easily get dumped out. Perhaps you might want to make a flap for the pocket and button it? I give the iScarf 3 fingers.

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