I Think I Can Complete the FamilyFun Holiday Challenge

64 days ago, I started a 62 day challenge of doing activities with my kids from FamilyFun Magazines, website, and books. My goal was to complete 62 projects in 62 days, finishing on January 2.

Well, you may have noticed that January 2 has come and gone and I have only posted 24 days worth of activities. That's 39% of the challenge. Several of the activities we've done together I haven't written the posts for yet, but I am still planning on doing so.

I have learned that it isn't always easy to do a challenge of this magnitude during the holidays when you are a homeschooling mom of three, especially when you plan on taking the time to blog about it.

However, I have also learned that there is a reason why I love FamilyFun. Doing this challenge has been a lot of fun for my family. It has brought us closer together. The memories alone are worth it. Not all of the things we've done and blogged about have been related to specific holidays, but this challenge has made the 2010 holiday season special to our family.

That is why I'm not giving up. Even though the major holidays are over, I am continuing the challenge. I will continue writing posts about the things we've done from FamilyFun. Not only that, but we are going to continue trying different FamilyFun ideas. We will complete 62 days of activities. I think we can, I think we can!

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