The Art of Smooshing Clay

This creative art activity was inspired by MaryAnn F. Kohl's blog post Smooshing Play Clay: A Favorite!  It is a super simple and fun art project that kids of all ages will enjoy. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon! 

You will need :
Clay (of various colors)
Paper (we used colored construction paper)

MaryAnn suggests that you can also use things to press into the clay like small buttons or sequins. We didn't try this because I didn't want to battle Nano Bot trying to put such things in his mouth...

All you do is take tiny pieces of clay and smoosh and spread them onto your paper.  It is sort of like finger painting with clay.

Cyber Princess concentrated on smooshing her clay into a lion.

While Nano Bot enjoyed smooshing his clay freestyle to create some abstract art.

Cyber Princess loved how her lion turned out.

Robo Dude joined us late so I didn't get any pictures of his creative process. He decided to imitate his sister and made his own version of a lion.

All of the kids had a blast! We'll definitely be smooshing some clay again soon. Rating: 5 fingers!

How do you like this font? Is it too hard to read?

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  1. Love the clay, but yes the font is too hard to read. It would be OK in small dozes though (eg. just headings, or image captions).

  2. Cat-
    Thank you so much for your comment. As much as I liked that font, your comment confirmed that it wasn't going to work, so now I'm trying another one. Hopefully, it is more eye-friendly.

  3. Aw! Love this idea. I recently saw some clay at the Dollar Store... & wondered what my girls could do with it. They are too young to try molding anything out of it. BUT this is just the idea I needed! Thanks for sharing. :o)

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