FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 28 Snowball Soap Surprise

We don't get a lot of snow where we live. It snows maybe once or twice a year and the snow doesn't last long. So my kids were super excited to make FamilyFun's Snowball Soap Surprise (you'll want to check out the link for better directions and to see FamilyFun's super cute picture of their project).

First we unwrapped four bars of Ivory Soap.

Then we used my Kitchenaid to grate the soap. I did this part while the kids watched and took pictures because I didn't want the kids' fingers near the grater attachment for the mixer.

Next we added a little water until we had the right consistency.

The kids loved shaping their snowballs around inexpensive plastic toys.

We had to leave the Snowball Soap on a cookie sheet for a few hours until the soap became completely solid again. Now they are sitting in a bowl in the kids bathroom and they love washing their hands and waiting to find their first surprise!

Rating: Cyber Princess and Robo Dude gave Snowball Soap Surprise from FamilyFun a full five fingers!


  1. That looks really fun! Maybe we should whip out the old kitchenaid and grate some soap. Does it have to be Ivory Soap?

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure. FamilyFun's recipe called for Ivory Soap so that is what I used. It is possible that any bar soap would work. I would just make sure that the soap isn't too heavily scented because when you grate the bars of soap it releases the scent into the air.


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