FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 18 Crunchy Snowman Treats

Making Crunchy Snowman Treats was so much fun.  The kids loved every step of the process. Even though sometimes they had to wait patiently for Mom's help with the next step.

Digital Man caught us making Crunchy Snowmen when he came home for lunch and took a photo of Analog Girl and Cyber Princess working together on her snowmens' eyes. In fact, he seized the opportunity to dip some Oreos in white chocolate for himself (smart man!).

I didn't find FamilyFun's clever video how-to until I got ready to write this blog post.  If I had, our snowmen would have turned out better.

The directions I found in FamilyFun had you use orange decorators gel for the snowman's nose, which ended up running down the our snowmen's faces.  It also called for "fruit leather" for the scarves, however the picture looked like some kind of sugared candy.  I ended up using bubble gum tape.  I really prefer the video's useage of orange gumdrops for the nose and Fruit-by-the-Foot for scarves.

I forgot to have the kids put mini chocolate chip buttons on their snowmen, which really are essential to the snowmen's appearance.  Without their buttons, our snowmen sort of looked like tied up Blues Brothers Ghosts ;)

Robo Dude and Cyber Girl each gobbled one up, proclaimed them delicious, gave one to mom and one to dad, saved one for Santa, and then ran out the door with a plate of Crunchy Snowman Treats to share with their friends.

Crunchy Snowman Treats are definitely a 5 finger treat.  We made these treats for a Christmas activity, but I think they are fun treats that could be made all winter long.

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