FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 19 Festive Fudge/Holly Jolly Fudge

Festive Fudge is a simple no-fail recipe featured on page 70 in the Dec/January 2010 issue of FamilyFun. Randomly, on FamilyFun's website the same recipe is called Holly Jolly Fudge. (There is also a Festive Fudge recipe on the website, but it is a totally different recipe.)

I remember the first time I ever made fudge.  I was a teenager attempting a recipe from one of my mother's cookbooks.  The fudge was a disaster and had to be thrown out. Of course my cooking skills have advanced since then, but I think that this fudge recipe is easy, delicious, and really difficult to screw up.

The kids enjoyed helping me cut out the fudge into different shapes.  We discovered that most of my cookie cutters were either too large to make candy-sized Christmas fudge shapes or the wrong season (autumn leaves for Christmas anyone?), so we ended up with hearts, scalloped edged circles, and snowflakes.

Robo Dude and Cyber Princess really over did the sugar on our fudge when they decorated it.  Digital Man didn't care for the sugared fudge at all and ended up scraping most of the sugar crystals off of his. You may want to limit the colored sugar when you decorate your fudge. Next time I think I will stick to decorating with nuts, limited powdered sugar, M&M's, chocolate chips, marshmallows, or other candies.

We are giving Festive Fudge/Holly Jolly Fudge 3 fingers, but I think a change of decorative toppings might increase the rating because the leftover undecorated fudge was yummy.  Don't you think that decorated heart shaped fudge would be a great treat for Valentine's Day?

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