Candy Butterfly Snack

This is a super easy treat to make with the kids. The first time I made these was at a family reunion many years ago to help entertain all of my nieces, nephews, and cousins.  The parents thought it was pretty clever and the kids loved it! Usually I make these with plain mini pretzels, but today these butterflies got fancy.

You will need:

Orange Slices Candy


Mini Pretzels

Wilton Candy Melts

Wax paper
Something to melt the Candy Melts in

First you will need to follow the directions on the Wilton Candy Melts to melt them. I used the microwave.

Once your Candy Melts are melted, carefully dip your pretzels. You want to coat each pretzel as fully as possible. Place candy coated pretzels on waxed paper.

 Quickly decorate pretzels with sprinkles before the candy hardens.

While the candy coated pretzels are hardening, you will take a butter knife and slice two cuts half way through the orange slice (so that the orange slice is still connected at the bottom). It should look like this:

Take two (dry to the touch) candy coated pretzels and carefully place one in each slit. Push the orange slice candy gently so that the sticky insides adhere to the pretzels.

Voila! You have a simple butterfly! 

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  1. This is a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing! We may have to try this one!


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