Swap Fun with Muses

This month we participated in The Homeschool Post's February - March Homeschool Swap.

We got to meet Meg from Muses of Megret and Muse Reviews. Meg is a fellow homeschooler and a mother of two. We have had a lot of fun getting to know their family and have discovered that we have lots in common even though we live on opposite sides of the country.

Getting their swap package in the mail was so exciting. It arrived while I was out of town for a Sister's Weekend and my family saved it to open until I arrived home. (I love the shredded paper she packed it in. It really made it extra special!)

Somehow she knew just what to send us:

*Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (Digital man teasingly said, "Cause nobody drinks hot chocolate around here!" Which was followed by a chorus of "I do!")


*Black Forest Gummy Bears (which happens to be my favorite brand of my most favorite candy!)

*A To-Do List Notepad

*Index cards in bright rainbow colors (we use index cards a lot in our homeschool, but we've never had such fun colors before. I'm excited to use these!)

*A four-pack of pens

*A twistable Ruler (I am loving this! We have broken several rulers and now we finally have one that is indestructible!)

*A personal card

* A prayer journal (which I have never had before and I'm excited to use!)

To see what we sent Meg and her family check out her post here!
I am so glad that we met Meg and her wonderful family!

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