FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 33 Valentine Cards

The kids decided to make homemade Valentine's this year. I let them pick from several ideas on the FamilyFun website. Robo Dude decided that he wanted to make Valentine Cards for all of his school-at-home friends at Washington Online School Utah.

We had several extra decks of cards in the game closet, so I pulled the hearts suites out of them and we went to work. 

After both Robo Dude and Cyber Princess managed to poke their fingers trying to poke holes for the arms and legs with a straight pin, and all of us getting frustrated trying to thread the pipe cleaners through minuscule holes, we broke out the hole puncher. We purchased a couple of $.99 bags of foam heart stickers to use for the heads and opted to draw on the faces with a permanent marker.

Robo Dude really wanted to give his friends gum, in addition to the lollipops, so we threaded sticks of gum through the pipe cleaners on the back. I trimmed some white adhesive labels so that they would fit on the back of the cards and we used them to secure the gum in place and to address the valentine's.


Rating: We had lots of fun making these "Valentine Cards" together. Tanner received lots of compliments at his school party (it was held early). This was a 5 finger project!

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