FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 16 Delicious Decorations

After what feels like weeks of sugary treats, today we really needed a healthy snack so we made Delicious Decorations from the Dec/Jan 2011 issue of FamilyFun.

Instead of cream cheese, we used Alouette Light Garlic and Herbs Soft Spreadable Cheese (I got it on markdown from Smith's and it satisfies my cheese ball cravings).

We used celery, carrots, and red and yellow bell peppers as toppings.  Cyber Princess loved helping me peel the carrots.

However, when we were finished neither she nor Robo Dude wanted to eat any of the crackers with the veggies on them.  Oh well, more for me and Digital Man!  This treat gets 3 fingers because the kids wouldn't eat it but the grownups liked it.

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