FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 11 Harvest Pictures

So this is my second attempt at writing this post about Harvest Pictures.  I wrote the whole thing a few a weeks ago and then with some accidental slight of the hand managed to erase everything but one picture.  The undo button didn't help me either. I was feeling a little frustrated with being so Analog in a digital world...but I digress.

I decided that making Harvest Pictures from the FamilyFun November 2010 issue (page 79) would be fun to do before bed one night.  I didn't have the "double-sided mounting adhesive" recommended by FamilyFun on hand and I didn't feel like making a special trip to the craft store.  Then I remembered that we have a roll of clear Con-Tact paper; which I cut to size and taped the non-sticky side to a piece of construction paper before exposing the sticky side. Is that clear as mud?

I loved how colorful the mosaics in Family Fun were, but my pantry was lacking in color diversity because I couldn't find any split peas (I swear I bought some, I was planning on making soup). The kids had a lot of fun making their Harvest Pictures.  Cyber Princess had sort of a dump and shake technique and Robo Dude used a more methodical process to create his "invention".

They made a bit of mess, but we had a blast so it was worth it.  This was a fun art project that really involved the senses. We give it 4 fingers!

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