FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 5 Bath-time Baby Doll

When I saw the Bath-time Baby Doll on page 108k of the November 2010 FamilyFun magazine, I thought that it would be perfect to do with Nano Bot. 

Of course I was focusing on the recommended age and not thinking about the obvious.  It is a doll and Cyber Princess {loves} dolls!

So of course Nano Bot didn't pay any attention to the Bath-time Baby Doll, but Cyber Princess had a blast with it. Robo Dude thought the doll was too girlish and didn't want anything to do with it.

Rating:  This activity was a simple way to add some extra fun to bath time. Cyber Princess gave it a full five fingers! I am sure that we will be making more Bath-time Baby Dolls in the future.

Note:  Both Nano Bot and Cyber Princess are wearing their swimsuits in the tub to preserve their modesty for this blog post, they usually take baths the regular way.

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