Dancer finger puppet

D is for dance...

Inspired by FamilyFun's Ballerina puppets, we made our own dancer's during our preschool D week.

First I cut out some ballerina shapes out of some scraps of red poster board we had on hand.

Then Cyber Princess glued on head pieces cut out of white construction paper and hair pieces cut out of yellow construction paper.

Then she added facial features with her crayons.

Next I threaded a white pipe cleaner through a used dryer sheet (I'm really not obsessed with dryer sheets, but this project does help the earth out by reusing them). The dryer sheets remind me of dancers' beautiful tulle skirts!

I attached the skirt by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the dancer and twisting it closed in the back.

You will want to trim the pipe cleaner and the dryer sheet to the length you prefer.

Last of all cut some holes for your dancing fingers (ahem, legs) to go through.

Voila you are dancing!


  1. Those are darling :) I'm also leaving a comment here for the "nightgown" dress because for some reason there is no comment place on that post :) So, I think it looks cute, but I get what you are saying. Maybe chopping off the bottom and adding a contrasting t-shirt would help? Maybe a patterned one? Or just chop the arms off and pair it with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath so it's more like a jumper? I still think it's cute and comfy looking though :)

  2. Thank you Happy Together! I really like the idea of using a contrasting t-shirt. Also, thank you for pointing out that I didn't have a comment space on the "nightgown" dress. I am new to blogging and I didn't even realize the comment box was missing. It is there now!


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