Frugal Tip: Dryer Sheets

A modern front load tumble clothes dryer for t...Image via WikipediaI love to save my family money through frugality, smart shopping, and resourcefulness. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to stretch a dollar.

Sometimes that means doing things a little differently.

Dryer sheets in our home may look a little smaller than what you are used to. That is because I cut all of my dryer sheets in half.

Not only that but I buy dryer sheets in bulk at Costco.

That means I only have to buy dryer sheets once a year!

Occasionally, if I am drying a load that is especially full of static I may splurge and put in a whole sheet. But 99.9% of all laundry in our dryer is dried with 1/2 a dryer sheet.

Our clothes are still soft, static free, and smell great!

How do you save money while doing laundry?

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  1. I made a set of wool-yarn dryer balls for my laundry and they help the clothes dry faster. Sometimes I add a dropper full of essential oil into one of the balls to special scent towels, etc.


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