2010-2011 School Curriculum Plan

We are quickly approaching the beginning of school around here. This will be our second year of home school. We use the K12 curriculum through our school Washington Online (I'll tell you more about them later) as well as some other sources.

Together Robo Dude and Cyber Princess will do the following subjects*:

Religious Studies-

The Book of Mormon. Another Testament of Jesus...Image via Wikipedia

Character Studies- We will use the Standin' Tall series by Janeen Brady to start off with. We may also use Power Tunes book and music.

K12 Science 2- I am especially excited for our units that cover simple machines, magnets, and geology (rock hounding here we come!)

K12 History 1- It is my understanding that K12 hired Susan Wise Bauer to develop the history curriculum. K12 history curriculum for grades 1-4 teaches history chronologically from ancient times to the modern era. This year we will be covering ancient civilizations. Robo Dude is excited to learn about mummies!

Signing Time- this is not offered by K12 but by Washington Online

Arts and Crafts- A hodgepodge of activities taken from various books, blogs, and Family Fun.

*Of course Cyber Princess will do simplified versions of our group lessons especially in science and history.

Robo Dude will be in first grade this year. In addition to the courses above, he will be taking:

Math+ Orange- K12's exciting new second grade level math program.

Language Arts 2- which covers grade 2 GUM (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics), composition, vocabulary, analogies, spelling, handwriting, guided reading, read aloud, and independent reading.

Computers and Keyboarding- Digital Man will teach Robo Dude some basic computer skills, how to program in Logo, and start learning how to keyboard. We'd like to learn some robotics too if we can.

Cyber Princess will be doing Preschool. She will participate in group lessons as well as the following unit studies:

Letter S- School, Safety, Shapes, and Signs
Letter B- My Body
Fairy Tales
Letter D- Dance
Letter Y- Yard and Yarn
Letter R- Rodeo
Letter U- Feelings ?
Letter A- Autumn, ABC, General Conference
Letter Q- Queens, Quilts, Quick
Number 7- Seven Silly Eaters
Letter K- Kitchen
Letter H- Halloween
Letter I- Ice Cream, Indians
Letter F- Family
Letter T- Thanks, Thanksgiving
Letter C- Colors, Christ, Christmas
Letter J- Jesus Christ
Letter N- Nutrition
Letter Z- Zoo
Letter W- Winter Weather
Letter L- Library, Languages
Nursery Rhymes
Letter O- Olympics, Ground Hog Day
Letter X- Xylophone, Music
Letter V- Valentine's
Letter P- President's and Princesses
Counting and Numbers 0-3- Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, 3 Little Pigs, 3 Billy Goats Gruff
Letter G/Number 4-Games, Garden, Counting to 4
Spring Solstice
Prophet's and General Conference
Number 5- Counting to 5, Five Senses
Number 6- Counting to 6
Letter E- Easter, Eggs
Numbers 8 & 9- Counting to 9
Letter M- Mother's
Number 10- Counting to 10

What are your plans for school this year?

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