Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Today I am thirty-two. It is too early for me to being having a mid-life crisis, so I can not blame that for my attempt to enter the blogging world.

So why does Analog Girl start a blog anyways? Well, she is married to Digital Man. She knows how to cruise the internet highway and send email with attachments.

Analog Girl has learned some pretty cool analog skills from the blogs of others-

how to sew a self-binding receiving blanket

make homemade whole wheat pitas

make green chile chicken posole

get crafty

find great homeschooling ideas

figure out how to prepare new (to us) fruits and veggies

how to really organize recipes and plan meals

save money and save more money .

What will Analog Girl contribute? Stay tuned to find out... and hopefully Digital Man will contribute too.

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