Dutch Oven Recipes: Yummiest Cornbread Ever

This post has been a long time coming. First of all, I want to thank everyone who voted for their favorite post. There was actually a tie between Dutch Oven Recipes and Analog Girl Meets Digital Man. I am starting with Dutch Oven Recipes, you'll have to stay tuned to this blog if you want to hear our love story because it is still in the works.

One of Digital Man's coworkers is an amazing Dutch Oven cook. His name is Rob Snow and he teaches how to use a Dutch Oven in his Outdoor Cooking classes at Dixie State College. Rob has generously given us permission to share two of his recipes in this blog. We used these recipes when we went camping this summer. We had more than enough for our family and we were able to share our delicious food with neighboring campers.

Rob's Cornbread {Yummiest. Cornbread. Ever.}

6 boxes Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (or maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the big Costco Cornbread Mix bag)
liquid -heavy whipping cream, half and half, or milk (we used canned evaporated milk)
1/4 pound butter - cut into 10 or so slices (Rob says "bacon grease is an acceptable substitute")
1-2 small cans green chilies
1-2 handfuls cooked bacon, cooled and crumbled (Rob says "precooked (Costco again) is most convenient"; we used about half a package of bacon)
grated cheese (We used about 2 cups;Cheddar is Rob's favorite, but he says that Jack Cheese or a mixture is good too.)
(optional) sweet peppers, diced
(optional) 1/3 cup yellow onion, diced

Prepare Dutch by saturating a paper towel with oil and placing on the bottom of a cold dutch.

Gently mix ingredients in a large bowl with a spatula or large spoon until a somewhat stiff batter forms (thicker than for pancakes) &  is fairly uniform.

Pour into Dutch on top of saturated paper towel and smooth out until mostly fills in the edges.

Well lit charcoal briquettes sufficient for 2 per number on Dutch - so a #14 is 28 Briquettes.  Place 1/3 (9) underneath and the remaining 2/3rds evenly on the lid

The thicker the cornbread is in the Dutch, the slower it should be cooked (reduce total heat).  Use a twig or fork to judge doneness by inserting and looking for still pasty segments in the middle.

When done invert over a cutting board

Serve with Honey Butter.

If you have persnickety little eaters around they might not be the biggest fans, but they are missing out because this is the yummiest corn bread ever. Just writing this post makes me want some,  maybe I can convince Digital Man to let me build a dutch oven campfire in our backyard?

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