Vintage Revivals Best Giveaway Ever!

Have you heard about this? It is only the Best Giveaway Ever!!!

Can I declare myself President of the Mandi Fan Club? I loooove her blog Vintage Revivals and I would love to have her come to MY house!!

My kids even want to win an Epic Makeover from Vintage Revivals!

Why do we need an Epic Makeover? Well, this is what happens when you mix thrift shop and hand me down furniture with 3 kids.

I call it D.I. Threw Up in My Living Room Style. What you can't see it? Sorry, it's a panoramic shot. The next picture won't require you to put on special eye glasses, but you may wish you had a blindfold...

 As you can see we are not afraid of color. I really love blue and white design, but I'm not currently pulling it off. It's just blue.

We are in desperate need of a better media console.  The boxes and junk are purposely there to block 19 month old Nano Bot from destroying everything.

Our couch has seen better days and needs some makeover magic.Wait it gets worse...

Yes the couch is coming apart on top. Can anyone say reupholster?

Our side chairs are turquoise and don't really go with anything...

I painted this side table white and I'm planning on glazing it, but I've decided that I need to sand the top and stain it dark so it doesn't always look dirty. (It gets used a lot).

Our kitchen table needs a new finish, but I'm not sure what color... I'd like to reupholster the chair bottoms too.

Check out this beautiful baby. Wouldn't she look gorgeous with some paint and glaze? I'm thinking of Mandi's fabulous credenza...

What do you think?

This is my favorite chair, but I'm not sure what to do with the pink?

We could get this ginormous mirror cut...

and make something like Mandi's Acid Mirrors.

I am also loving  her Anthro Teapot Lamps

I would love to make this into a Family Tree with pictures hanging from the branches. 

The stuff in our house is not mintage
In fact all the junk is quite vintage
We're in desperate need of some style
An Epic Makeover Revival
Vintage Revivals! Vintage Revivals!
Please Vote for Me!!!

Edit: This contest is now over. I did not win but I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. Check out the results of the Epic Makeover here.


  1. I voted for you. If I dont win I want someone with similar storage problems to win, lol

  2. You got my vote, good luck!


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