Valentine's Fairy Tradition

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920.Image via WikipediaHave you ever heard of the Valentine Fairy? Does the Valentine Fairy come to your house?

I don't remember the first time the Valentine Fairy showed up in my life, but I remember the excitement of finding the Valentine's left behind for me when I was a little girl.

The doorbell would ring and when my siblings and I answered it, we would find no person there, but Valentine treasures instead. Some years it would be a stuffed toy, other years we'd find candy. Usually we found a Valentine card for each of us. When I got older sometimes the Valentine Fairy left a small flower.

The Valentine Fairy was occasionally mischievous too.  One year when we bent down to pick up our Valentine's they started to move away from us. As we ran to catch them, they'd pause long enough for us to bend down to pick them up and then they'd dart away from us again.

Many years later, my father recalls with a chuckle, the fishing line tied to the Valentine's. How funny we looked chasing those cards!

The Valentine's Fairy comes to visit my children now. They look forward to the fairy's arrival every year. This year they were surprised and excited to discover that the Valentine Fairy came a day early. It's a fairy's prerogative you know.

What does your family do to make Valentine's Day special?

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