FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 9 Fabulous Foliage

  Bring on the paint, bring on the fun with FamilyFun's Fabulous Foliage craft!

You'll need:
Construction paper or cardstock
Brown marker

First you draw a tree trunk and branches on your paper with your brown marker. On another paper, you will make a cloud shaped stencil, which you will place on top of your tree trunk paper. Then you will use sponges to dab paint into the cloud shaped area to paint your fall leaves. Last of all remove the stencil to reveal your beautiful fall foliage. Voila!

Rating: Robo Dude and Cyber Princess gave Fabulous Foliage a full 5 fingers!  Of course they love anything that involves paint.  Once they removed their stencils they decides that they needed to put more leaves on their painting to represent the falling leaves.

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