FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 7 A-Maize-ing Lanterns

I am a sucker for luminarias and the A-Maize-ing Lanterns are a fun twist on the them. 

Originally, I envisioned making enough of them to line the sidewalk leading up to our front door, but then reality set in and I realized that we don't have that many plastic containers. 

This project is a great way to reuse materials, but it since we don't purchase that many drinks, it was only practical for us to make one.

We used a metal cake pan to contain the mess when we painted the glue onto the cut plastic containers.

Rolling the bottle in tissue paper to decoupage was a little too hard for Cyber Princess to do alone.

Here is our finished product, isn't it A-Maize-ing!  We used beans for weight inside the base. 

Unfortunately, when we put our battery-operated tea light inside, we discovered that we couldn't see the light very well through all the tissue paper and paint. 

Rating: We give this project 3.5 out of 5 fingers.  It was fun to make, but the inability to see the light was very disappointing.  Cyber Princess felt like it this craft had too many things she needed help with, so perhaps older kids would like this project better (Robo Dude decided he would rather take pictures than help make the lanterns).  Painting with bubble wrap was awesome. We will have to come up with some more bubble wrap painting projects!

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