FamilyFun Holiday Challenge: Day 3 Nature Walk Sorting Basket

When I saw the "Nature Walk Sorting Basket" in the Fun for Little Ones bonus section of FamilyFun magazine, I immediately knew it would be a smash hit for my kids.  It is really such a simple idea, I just put some plastic cups and small plastic containers into some baskets (I didn't use disposable cups because using plastic ware that I already have is more frugal and eco-friendly). Then we went for a nature walk at a local park.  I gave Robo Dude and Cyber Princess each a basket and told them that they could put anything interesting that they found in their basket.

We had a blast!  The kids loved their nature walk, and were instinctively sorting their little collections into their baskets' cubbyholes right away.  They even worked together, helping each other find that treasured seed pod, acorn, or fallen autumn colored leaf.

Along the way we stopped by a little pond to watch the ducks.  The kids found some seeds to feed them. Even Nano Bot was fascinated.

The kids gave the Nature Walk Sorting basket by FamilyFun a perfect score of 5.  In fact they can hardly wait to do it again.  It made me realize how important it is that we spend time outside enjoying the beautiful world we live in. Did you know that I had never seen a real acorn before today?  Right now I have cups of acorns on the kitchen table.  Tomorrow I will tell my kids about the Norse myth of Thor that led to a belief that acorns in the windowsill will protect a house by getting hit by lightening. Fun!

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  1. Ooo, or you can grind your acorns into flour and make something with it. That reminds me of "My Side of the Mountain"


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