First Day of School

I have always looked forward to the first day of school. This year was no exception and it was fun to share the excitement and anticipation with Robo Dude and Cyber Princess.

I had set up our new workboxes earlier in the week but told the kids that they had to wait until the first day of school to learn what they were for.

Both Robo Dude and Cyber Princess were excited about their new schedules.

The kids loved the workboxes and raced through them. They really do seem to help with motivation. I discovered some things needed tweaking though.

When planning workboxes for the day I have to try to balance the boxes between Robo Dude and Cyber Princess so that they don't both have work with Mom boxes at the same time. It is impossible to completely prevent this, so I also told the kids that if Mom is working with a sibling and they get to a Work with Mom box to skip to the next box that they can work on by themselves.

We also have to work on understanding that the workboxes are not a competition. It doesn't matter what box your brother or sister is on.

We had a blast doing our history lesson together. The kids learned the names of the seven continents and the major world oceans.

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